Thursday, September 23, 2010


Tsugumi Ohba
Takeshi Obata
English Publisher: Viz Media
Volume count: 1+
Note: It gets even more interesting!

     Have you ever wanted to become a manga artist? And how many of you have let that dream slip by? Moritaka Mashiro is a talented 14 year old boy that once had this dream too. As a young boy, he was fascinated by his uncle's works and watched everyday, as his uncle sketched and drew for his manga. But that was in the past. These days he's a normal videogame loving teen with a huge crush and a strong dislike for schoolwork. Convinced and pressured into the average competitive school life of Japanese students, he now only draws for a hobby. Even after winning various awards, Moritaka no longer has the will to pursue his dream. But fate isn't going to let him go that easily. After getting home from an early dismissal, he realizes that he had forgotten his math composition book. Aside from needing it to study for his exam, he recalls that he had been drawing pictures of his crush in that very same book. And that was when the brilliant Akito Takagi stepped into his life...whether he wanted him in it or not. Fellow classmate, Akito is an incredibly smart young man with the grades to prove it. What makes him all the more interesting (and a nuisance) is that he's also an aspiring manga writer completely set on partnering with Moritaka. So when he happens to come across Moritaka's math notebook, he decides to use it in his favor. Akito messes a bit with Moritaka and when he notices the other understands where he's going with it, he makes his offer. Our small hero is taken by surprise when the school's #1 student asks him to be his illustrator. Though claiming to have no desire to be a manga artist, Akito knows Moritaka truly does still want to. Akito decides to return the smaller boy's notes in exchange for Moritaka's promise that he'll think things over. With Moritaka giving Akito's proposition a second thought, will he come around? And what happens when Moritaka's crush, Miho Azuki comes into the picture?

     This is that second manga I purchased from the bookshop the other day. I liked the art and bought it without another thought. That's when I got home and realized that it's by the same artist who drew Death Note. Actually, if you read the comic, Death Note is mentioned a fair amount. And that's because it's also written by the same writer as Death Note. Well, the story is overall hilarious and pretty fast-moving. It moves quickly because the characters move quickly, so it fits and makes it really exciting. The story is about making manga, as some of you might have gotten from that review. When you compare the art of Bakuman to the art in Death Note, it's similar but Bakuman is much more playful. Not that there's just more expressions and jokes, but that the lines are a little looser and not as heavy. Even so it's still fantastic work to look at and certainly won't disappoint. Something that I have always admired about Takeshi Obata, is how his designs are still unique and cartoon-like but also fashionable and seem realistic. Going a bit more into the story, I found it a very interesting read- and in a good way! As mentioned before, the story moves fast with the characters but within the first few chapters a lot happens. Some of you might find the first bit of it a little too unrealistic (like the first few chapter in Hana-Kimi), but I implore you too keep on reading. The story is hilarious and is written very well, allowing you to really get inside the mind of the main protagonist. You'll finish the volume feeling inspired, giddy and as if you were right there with the characters. Another fine job by Tsugumi Ohba. This manga was just released not too long ago and so I believe only volume 1 is currently available in English. But I love it already and plan to collect every single volume. And for those of you who enjoy a head start; the Bakuman anime will begin airing this October! (In Japan)

Sweet. I finally had time to write something. I've gotten back into the habit of paying weekly visits to bookstores and it's taken an awful toll on my paycheck. They've raised the price on some titles and yet I still buy them. Don't worry, it's mainly on stuff most of you won't ever want to pick up. But I wouldn't care paying more if they'd improve the quality of the paper they print on. I honestly want to punch a boat when I see the pages begin to yellow. Should I spray them with UV stuff? Thanks again, everyone!


  1. A manga about people creating a manga.
    mind = blown!

    I might wait for the anime for this one though, thanks for the heads up.

  2. YESS a Bakuman review!! This is a great manga and I love your review, after reading this I wanted to write one too.. I have a tonne of great ideas for storylines but don't know any really good drawers =(

  3. Wow, I'm glad you guys like it so much!
    Mr. BLUERAD, you know...if I had known that earlier...

  4. nice post. I evenso thought to make a manga, but i dont have enough time for it xD
    I will follow u :D

  5. Great post, keep it up and I'll keep showing love and support =)

  6. come over, man. We gotta celebrate! =D


  7. I think my brother reads this series but I he reads so many different ones I can't really tell sometimes. And yes, I know what you mean in regards to the "yellowing" paper. Some of my volumes of Tsubasa are undergoing that. =_=

    Also, I got the CD from Silent Uproar. It's weird too, the last CD I got from them arrived in a week.

  8. I'll check this out sometime. I'm a fan of Obata's work.

  9. Tsugumi Ohba :D FREAKIN AWESOME BRO! following

  10. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!

  11. My friend is hopefully going to become a manga artist! :D

  12. Yes I am pretty sure it is some distorted version of a montage by Nico Nico.

    And I have no idea if the UV stuff would work. I've never tried it nor have I heard of people trying it. :( Sorry.

  13. Haha I've always found weird books about people writing book but anyway, this concept can be cool if well conducted! ^^

  14. Interesting read, I'll have to keep track of your posts.

  15. Not really my genre but this post was an interesting read.